About Us

“India’s Leading Exporters Of Biodegradable Bio-Greenplastic & Customized Products”
“India’s Leading Exporters Of Biodegradable Bio-Greenplastic & Customized Products”
container in import export and business logistic.
“We Believe In Transparency, Commitment, And Timely Delivery”
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Who We Are

We The Bawane International Is India’s Leading Merchant Exporter, Wholesaler, And Marketing Company Compostable/ Biodegradable Products, Which are Promptly Substitute of Traditional Plastics.

Bawane International’s Products Are 100% Compostable And Biodegradable Which Are Certified By European, American, And Australian Standards.

We Proudly Say that Our Company Serves Domestically As Well As ‘Internationally’, Since From 2019.


Services We Offered

We Bawane International Sources Products across from India, that is unique and which require customization, such products are normally not readily available to the purchaser. 

This is one of the exceptional offerings of Bawane International’s.

“As our management team coverings, every nook and corner to streamlined and export such customized products.

This has become Bawane International’s Hallmark”.

Why To Choose Us

    • Commitment, Just in time delivery Safety and Uncompromising Quality.
    • Infrastructure built to keep in mind future expansion.
    • Skilled and Properly Trained Staff and Workforce.
    • High Accuracy and Consistency to the work.
    • Durable product range.
    • Complete client satisfaction & Transparent Dealings.
    • Ethical Business Practices.
    • Assistance of Experienced Team.
    • Customer centric Approaches.



                                          Our team has the following professionals :

  • Quality Controllers And Inspectors.
  • ISO Certified Manufacturers And Suppliers.
  • Marketing Professionals.
  • Logistic Partners.
  • Custom House Agents And Procedurals.
  • Warehouse And Packaging Personals.
  • Laboratory For Testing, Inspecting, & Analyzing the Quality Of Product.





Our Markets

We source products from manufacturers and suppliers in India, We export to our buyers in:

  •  African Countries

  •  Gulf Countries

  •  Asian Continent

  •  European Countries


  • North America

  • Ocean Region

Our company delivers on the product, reach, and professional services to make sure that deliveries are always on time and with the specified output.

Memberships and Certifications