Yes, Bawane’s bags as well as all the products are certified from CPET, CPCB and SRIRAM. Also we will provide FTIR report.

  • Starch is a Bio-Polymers, which are derrived from renewable biomass sources such as Corn Starch and Vegetable oil.

  • Simply says that from starch we make Polylactic acid with a simple fermentation procedure.

  • Polylactic acid is one form of Natural Starch produced from glucose.

Production of Starch  has some normal procedures are as follows :

  1.  Corn or other raw materials are takes place for Fermentation process,

  2.  That  fermented mixture  produced Lactic Acid, 

  3. Next one is polymerization procedure to make Poly-Lactic Acid which is the form of Starch.

  4. In this way polylactic acid produced from starch.

  • Bawane’s compostable products are Environment Friendly which is made from Renewable resources, And Non-Toxic To the Earth.

  • While conventional plastic may takes up-to thousands of years to degrade.

  • But Bawane’s Compostable products Biodegrades and Compost with in 3 to 6 month in a composting system at Natural conditions. 

  • Our products are made from midwestern corn, Not from the Middle East Oil.

  • And our products can be 100% composted or recycled.

  • Our products are Certified as COMPOSTABLE from  CIPET and CPCB.

  • We also provides FTIR Report which shows that, Is Bawane’s products are compostable or not , And it also shows that Bio-Polymer or Not.

  • Our products fully match the European Standards. If any need we will proved European Certification i.e. EN13432 and Laboratory Results also As per client’s demand.

All these certification and Laboratory Results proves that our products are 100% compostable and Non Toxic to the Environment.

 All those International Standards are Implemented by their government tro proves that the Bioplastic which is sold in the market , Is Compostable / Biodegradable or Not.
     While EN13432 Is The European Standard, ASTM D6400 Is the  American , And AS4736 Is the Australian Standard , Which has same parameters.