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`Why not to use traditional plastic or So called Oxo-degradable bags ? And how they are harmful to the Environment ?

  • Conventional / Traditional plastic bags are made up from Non-Renewable Resource like as petroleum based plastic,

  • When they dispose in environment they break into smaller and smaller pieces over thausands of years, inflicting measureless amounts of damage to our Ecosystem.

Oxo-Degradable Bags (Products) :

  • Some Marketers are missguide to the people and gives guarantee  of oxo-degradable bags are compostable but the truthis that use of oxo-degradable bags is more harmful than convetional plastic bags because, 

  • When Oxo-degradable bags are discarded and they come into contact with the Sun UV Rays they will just become tinier and tinier.

  • And their pieces of Microplastic quicker, and still it is serious  Injury to the Ecosystem As well as Marine Life.

  • While those Microplastic unfortunately comes enter into our food chain, Because those Microplastic come in contact with smaller species continues like wise smaller to bigger species, finally that way Microplastic enters the food chain As shown in the following figure 

Why not to use Cotton OR Paper Bag ?

  •  We Know that how the crop of cotton cosumes  so much water and takes time to grow thats why it is so expensive also. 

  • At the another hand we all know how paper is produced, paper is made from trees.

  • In the process of making paper, trees are the most critical raw materials. It is estimated that 24 trees to make 1 ton of standard office paper.

  • We all know that Tree cutting is the main reason for the Global Warming.

  • So thats why Paper and Cotton Bags should not be used by peoples.

Why not to use PP bags? (Poly-Propylene)

  • They are look same like cotton but actually PP bags are not cotton and they does not makes from cotton.

  • Poly-Propylene  PP is basic raw material to making that bags.

  • Poly-Propylene is the type of Plastic it Looks like Cotton, But PP is not the Cotton.

  • Use of PP bags is so dangerous  as same as Plastic or Oxo-Degradable use.

And We Introduce the Best Alternative For Plastic Bags, Cotton, Paper, Oxo-Degradable And PP Bags, Our Products are 100% Compostable and certified from CPET & CPCB

Bawane’s Compostable Bag or Packaging products are like a Fruits or Vegetable Peel, Use It ! Throw It ! And It will made Compost in Natural Conditions,

Even Nature Won’t Notice It.

  Let us take an Example to prove it,

  • The Banana or Orange fruit is packed by the Nature In a Multilayer Peel acts as protective layer.

  • When we discarded the fruit peel decomposes and leaves no toxic residue.

  • Peel will make compost it can be used for plant growth.

  • 100% of a fruit peel Returns to the nature.

Correspondingly Bawane's compostable bags, films and all products are Bio-Based and the Best Alternativs For Traditional Plastics. All Our Products Are Certified As Compostable.